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"As a graduate in music education and oboe, I can honestly say these reeds are awesome. The reeds Pablo makes are responsive, musical, and well balanced. The lower register response is as easy as the 3rd octave, even at quiet dynamics. Unfortunately with teaching I have very little time to make my own reeds. I'm glad I found someone that makes such a high quality reed for both myself and students."

ALAN, Syracuse

"After just a few minutes of warm up, I played through Mahler 5 in rehearsal last night, and your reed provided the range that is so necessary for a Mahlersymphony. Response is immediate and reliable in every register without sacrificing tone - huge Mahlerian intervals (upward and downward) popped with very little effort. And, although it does not take much air to start the sound, the reed accepts a lot of air; the sound becomes more focused and the pitch remains stable with increased air speed, and I never felt the need to back off for fear of over-blowing.

I will absolutely buy again!"

CAROLYN, Massachusetts

"It is wonderful,  very centered and stable. I liked the responsiveness as well."

SUSAN, Texas


"After spending the evening playing my new reeds, I can say that they have allowed me to play with a sound as rich and dark as I could imagine. The attack is smooth for the lowest notes and highest notes. They were comfortable right away. I will certainly be a repeat customer."


"I'm loving Pablo's reeds!  I've used them for practice, in rehearsal and played a full concert on one this weekend.  Well balanced, very responsive, fantastic low register and amazing tone quality!  The first notes I played on one in rehearsal got an immediate comment and huge smile from my 1st chair colleague . . . "that reed has a WONDERFUL sound!"  I had a couple questions for Pablo about possible fine adjustments to the reeds and his response was very quick, to the point and did exactly what I needed to make the reeds even better for my instrument and playing style.  Many thanks, Pablo!  I'm asking Santa for reeds in my Christmas stocking!"


"I would like to give my full recommendation to The Moreno Reeds. Pablo's reeds played beautifully right out of the package, producing rich and stable sound. They're perfect for recitals and concerts." 



"These reeds are great! Some of the reeds I have tried sacrifice tone for response but these reeds respond easily throughout the entire register and have the most exquisite tone. Their intonation is spot on, even on difficult notes like low C. I found them to be stable and completely reliable in both the low and high range. They also allow for a wide contrast in dynamic range and are a joy to play. I highly recommend these reeds!"